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Population Genomics and Global Health




Mexico fieldwork trip July 2015Maria Avila Arcos Mexico fieldwork July 2015Maria Avila Arcos Mexico fieldwork July 2015

*Image credits: María Ávila Arcos , Mexico Fieldwork Trip, July 2015


Within the areas of population genomics and global health, the Bustamante Lab specializes in using ancient and modern DNA to characterize diverse admixed populations with the aim of understanding historical human migrations and uncovering the vast genetic diversity among indigenous groups in the Americas (including Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean) and Africa.

Recent accomplishments in this area include: 

  • Devising a new way of analyzing DNA to infer genetic ancestry at a fine geographic scale.
  • Designing a targeted next-generation sequencing panel for forensic applications that is amenable to degraded DNA and mixed samples.
  • Constructing a family tree for the Y chromosome.
  • Improving estimation of fine-scale populations structure for individuals, including inferring sub-continental ancestry in admixed individuals. 
  • Developing methods for generating data and mapping traits in non-model organisms using genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) 
  • Leading sample collection with multiple field sites across the world, including Mexico, Polynesia, Peru, and South Africa.
  • Developing novel population genetic theory for ancestral identification and population history inference. 
  • Improving methods to deconvolve ancestry in admixed populations.