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Stanford-IMSS Collaboration

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The Mexican Institute of Social Security (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, IMSS) is an integrated healthcare system with representation in every state of Mexico. It is an agency of the Mexican government that offers medical care, pensions, and disability benefits to all private sector employees in the country. The Institute is funded through contributions from employees, employers, and the government. IMSS is the largest social security agency in Latin America. To learn more about IMSS (in Spanish), please visit their website.

Stanford is collaborating with IMSS on research, academic exchange, and technology development, to tackle the shared public health concerns that Mexico and the United States face today. In June 2016, both institutions signed a four-year General Collaboration Agreement to foster innovation in health care.

The Bustamante Lab has led the collaborative effort with IMSS. There are three areas in which investigators from both institutions are currently working:

  • Our research protocol, "Building a Population-Based Cancer Registry from Electronic Health Records," is currently under review by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) at Stanford and IMSS.
  • Clinical Data Science. We will jointly study and analyze the clinical data stored in the electronic health records at IMSS and Stanford, leading to new discoveries relating to the continuous improvement of the health care system.
  • Clinical Genomics. Research teams from both institutions will be working to understand the genomics of breast cancer in admixed populations, especially the Mexican population both in Mexico and the United States.