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Click on the links below to find out more about these major areas of Bustamante Lab research interest that often overlap and do not fully encompass all past, present, and future projects.
The Bustamante Lab, in collaboration with experts from around the world, has made significant discoveries in the field of ancient DNA and made important inroads in democratizing ancient DNA sequencing and analysis.
Bustamante Lab members are thought leaders in the fields of medical and clinical genomics. As key members of the PAGE Consortium and the recently announced $25M ClinGen project to build the country's National Database of Clinically Relevant Genomic Variants, we are dedicated to furthering the aims of sharing data, building knowledge, developing global technology, improving care, and engaging the genomics community in new and groundbreaking ways.
Within the areas of population genomics and global health, the Bustamante Lab specializes in using ancient and modern DNA to characterize diverse admixed populations with the aim of understanding historical human migrations and uncovering the vast genetic diversity among indigenous groups in the Americas (including Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean) and Africa.