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Jun 27 2015 | Stanford Daily | Posted In: Faculty
"A new study using DNA technology found an 8,500-year-old skeleton from Kennewick, Washington to be closely related to Native Americans, refuting a previous study that concluded it was Japanese or Polynesian."  
Jun 18 2015 | Stanford Medicine News Center | Posted In: Faculty
"The 8,500-year-old skeleton found in Washington, in 1996, has been the subject of a dispute. Now, genetic analyses of the ancient DNA suggest he is an ancestor of present-day Native Americans."
Mar 12 2015 | GenomeWeb | Posted In: Faculty
"Drawing on techniques it honed working with ancient DNA, researchers from Stanford University have designed a targeted next-generation sequencing panel for forensic applications that they say is amenable to degraded DNA and mixed samples."
Jan 27 2015 | GenomeWeb
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Illumina and collaborators from several consortia have developed a new genotyping microarray optimized for genome-wide association studies in populations of diverse ancestries and backgrounds. Dubbed the Infinium Multi-Ethnic Genotyping Array, or MEGA, the San Diego vendor is...