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Dec 14 2015
Our study on tracing the origins of enslaved Africans in the Caribbean was picked by Archaeology magazine as one of the top ten discoveries of 2015!
"Sharing genomic information among researchers is critical to the advance of biomedical research. Yet genomic data contains identifiable information and, in the wrong hands, poses a risk to individual privacy. If someone had access to your genome sequence — either directly from your saliva or other...
Oct 29 2015 | The Scientist
"Anonymous patients whose DNA data is shared via a network of web servers—or beacons—set up by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health are at risk of being reidentified, according to a report published today (October 29) in The American Journal of Human Genetics.
"Population geneticist Carlos Bustamante will lead a new biomedical data department founded to advance precision health."
Sep 10 2015
Want to hear a discussion of Mexican genetic diversity, in Spanish? Guests include Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Professor, Department of Genetics, Stanford University, Co-Founding Director, Stanford Center for Computational, Human, and Evolutionary Genomics  and Dr. Andres Moreno Estrada, Researcher,...