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Recent News

Apr 7 2016 | Daily Mail
News article featuring lab member Fernando Mendez and PI Carlos Bustamante:  "It's widely known that modern Europeans and Asians carry traces of Neanderthal DNA and now scientists have pinpointed when we last shared a common ancestor  According to analysis of Neanderthal and modern human Y...
Apr 7 2016 | Archaeology
Featuring current Bustamante lab member Fernando Mendez, PI Carlos Bustamante, and lab alumni David Poznik!
Dec 29 2015 | Genomeweb
"Out-of-Africa human populations are more likely to harbor higher mutational loads, a Stanford University School of Medicine-led team has found.
Dec 16 2015
The Bustamante Lab, and our holiday mascot (pictured here), would like to wish you a merry holiday season and a merry new year! We are very excited to see what amazing research developments 2016 brings!
Dec 14 2015
Our study on tracing the origins of enslaved Africans in the Caribbean was picked by Archaeology magazine as one of the top ten discoveries of 2015!