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Oct 2 2018 | Posted In: Awards
"Seventeen Stanford faculty are part of new Bay Area-wide collaborative research teams funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, co-directed by Stephen Quake." These faculty include Dr. Carlos Bustamante, PI of Stanford's Bustamante Lab, who will be contributing to a new collaborative project, entitled...
Jun 11 2018
This New York Times articles features Bustamante Lab PI Carlos Bustamante and former lab member, Fernando Mendez. 
Jul 14 2017 | Color Genomics Blog | Posted In: Faculty
"Dr. Carlos Bustamante, Professor of Biomedical Data Science and Genetics at Stanford and MacArthur Fellow, shares his insights on population genetics and analyzing genome-wide patterns of variation to address fundamental questions in biology, anthropology, and medicine."
Apr 17 2017 | Front Line Genomics | Posted In: Faculty
"What are you working on right now? I’m really focused on applying genomics in the clinic at scale and so I’m working across two big federal projects. The first is the ClinGen project, which involves annotating clinical genomes and developing the best resources to enable that. Ideally, I think that...
Feb 17 2017 | Posted In: Awards
Congratulations to the Bustamante Lab, and Drs. Carlos Bustamante and Katherine Grabek in particular, for their new NSF grant award, which will fund ongoing research on the study of genetic elements of hibernation! Download the letter of congratulations from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo below.