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Dr. Carlos Bustamante receives Chan Zuckerberg Investigator Award

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Feb 8 2017

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February 8, 2017- DBDS Chair and Bustamante Lab PI Dr. Carlos Bustamante has been honored with a Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator Award!

"The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub committed more than $50 million to support 47 of the best investigators from Bay Area universities, including 19 from Stanford University. The investigators each receive five-year appointments worth up to $1.5 million to carry out non-conventional scientific exploration and to invent new tools to accelerate the pace of discovery.

'The 47 CZ Biohub Investigators we’re introducing today are quite literally inventing the future of life science research,” said Stephen Quake, co-president of CZ Biohub and professor of bioengineering and applied physics at Stanford. “The CZ Biohub is distinguished by our emphasis on technology and engineering, and our researchers are inventing tools to accelerate science for the good of humanity.'"