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Carlos D. Bustamante, Principal Investigator (P.I.)

Carlos Bustamante headshot
Photo by Deneb Semprum, 2014

For the past 15 years, Dr. Carlos Bustamante has led a multidisciplinary team working on problems at the interface of computational and biological sciences. Much of his research has focused on genomics technology and its application in medicine, agriculture, and evolutionary biology. His first academic appointment was at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. There, much of his work focused on population genetics and agricultural genomics motivated by a desire to improve the foods we eat and the lives of the animals upon which we depend. He moved to Stanford in 2010, to focus on enabling clinical and medical genomics on a global scale. He has been particularly focused on reducing health disparities in genomics by: (1) calling attention to the problem raised by >95% of participants in large-scale studies being of European descent; and (2) broadening representation of understudied groups, particularly U.S. minority populations and those from Latin America. Taken together, this work has empowered decision-makers to utilize genomics and data science in the service of improving human health and wellbeing. As Inaugural Chair of Stanford’s new Department of Biomedical Data Science, his future goal is to scale these operations from focusing on researchers to consumers and patients, where we ultimately want our work to have the greatest impact. 

In 2017, Dr. Bustamante was appointed a Chan-Zuckerberg Investigator and, from 2011-2016, he was a MacArthur Fellow. He also received a Stanford Prize in Population Genetics and Society in 2016, a Sloan Research-Fellowship in Molecular Biology from 2007-2009, and a Marshall-Sherfield Fellowship from 2001-2002. Dr. Bustamante also has a strong interest in building new academic units, non-profits, and companies. He is Founding Director (with Dr. Marcus Feldman) of the Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary, and Human Genomics (CEHG), and former Founding Associate Director of the Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics (3CPG). He serves as an advisor to the US federal government, private companies, startups, and non-profits in the areas of computational genomics, population and medical genetics, and veterinary and plant genomics. He is currently Director of EdenRoc Sciences, LLC, founder of Arc Bio, LLC (formerly IdentifyGenomics and BigData Bio), and an SAB member of multiple companies, including Embark Veterinary, the Mars/IBM Food Safety Board, and Digital Ventures. Finally, he is the Owner and President of CDB Consulting, LTD., an expert witness, IP, and strategy consulting group.