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About Us

Lab boat imageLab members sailing photoLab members sailing photo 2

*Thanks to Anna Rychkova for the images of lucky lab members cruising the seas with their P.I. 

What makes the Bustamante Lab unique, according to current members? 


Our experience and knowledge: 

  • "In a nutshell. Carlos and his crew scale the heights in unison because of the breadth of their experience and depth of their knowledge."

  • "Our lab is distinct because of the extremely wide ranges of both areas of expertise and of types of projects."




Our commitment to diversity: 


  • "In my opinion, what characterizes the Bustamante lab is diversity. Here, we are working people with different research expertise, different interests, and different background. So the nice thing about this lab is that during lab meetings you are learning a lot of things from a lot of research fields. And also you get input from people with very different ways of thinking, and that is awesome." 

  • “What’s unique in Bustamante Lab? It’s the diversity! Diversity in research areas - from ancient DNA to clinical genomics. Diversity in people - we came from all over the world - US, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Denmark, Russia, etc. What’s special in Bustamante Lab? People! I couldn’t dream of such a friendly, smart, supportive team. Want to have fun, work on exciting projects and develop your independence? :) Join Bustamante Lab!!!”



Our can do attitudes: 

  • "One thing I find unique about this lab is that no project seems too big or impossible - instead of saying 'no we can’t do that,' this lab is more about,  'yes, let’s find a solution and if we can’t, we will develop one ourselves.'"